How Do I Know If I Have Adult ADHD?


“I call them time-blind,” added Dr. barley. “They can’t manage themselves according to time limits.”

Kylie Barron is a ADD A spokesperson with ADHD described it as a “performance disorder.” For him, that means “continually making a mess, putting your foot in your mouth, and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

Dr. These concerns are common among those with ADHD, Barkley said.

“They set goals and want to achieve them,” he added. And while they’re really sincere, they usually don’t follow through, especially when it comes to long-term aspirations, he said.

Many adults with ADHD also have problems regulating emotions and may experience anger, impatience, getting along at work, self-doubt, and difficulty managing stress.

But with treatment and the right support, people with ADHD can be quite successful.

Yes, but adults diagnosed with ADHD should also have experienced significant symptoms of the disorder. before 12 years oldAccording to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, even if they were not formally diagnosed in childhood

Dr. “There are all kinds of reasons why people can go into adulthood undiagnosed or undetected,” Barkely said.

For example, girls less likely He added that one reason the prevalence of ADHD among women is typically under-recognised is that it needs to be diagnosed more often than men.


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