Is Delta Variant Making Young Adults ‘Sicker, Faster’?


Many hospitalized patients said they had underlying health conditions such as diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure, which are risk factors for serious illness. However, some younger patients do not have any of these risk factors.

“That’s what really scares me,” he said. “It’s hitting younger healthy people who you wouldn’t think would have had such a bad reaction to the disease.” Dr. They often face long-term remissions, and some will have permanent lung damage, Coulter added.

In the United States, the Delta variant is a relatively new development, and evidence is still accumulating as to whether and how it behaves differently. More contagious, experts agree. A few studies have shown that infected individuals can carry the variant in high amounts in their respiratory tract.

Some researchers have suggested that the variant may also cause more severe disease. A study published in The Lancet in Scotland examined cases of Covid in the spring when Delta became the dominant strain in that country.

patients People infected with the variant had almost twice the risk of hospitalization compared to those infected with the previous Alpha variant. The authors said the patients were younger, probably because they were last in line to be vaccinated.

In a preliminary study published online and not yet peer-reviewed, Canadian researchers found The risk of admission to intensive care in patients with the delta variant was approximately four times higher than in patients infected with other variants. Patients with the delta variant had twice the risk of hospitalization or death.

Research In Singapore, which will be published in The Lancet, It concluded that patients with the delta variant are more likely to need oxygen, need intensive care, or die. and one education in indiaAlso published online and yet to be peer-reviewed, it found that in the second wave of infections dominated by the Delta variant, patients, particularly those under the age of 45, face a greater risk of death.


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