Monumental Sports launches NFTs for Capitals, Wizards


Monumental Sports joins the blockchain by starting digital art collaborations with Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, company announced Wednesday.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment is a digital first company and we are constantly innovating to bring fans the richest, most immersive and cutting edge experiences.” Monumental Sports Founder and CEO Ted Leonsis said in a statement. “Having the chance to do this and being a partner natural and Rob Zilla III, two famous DC digital artists – and Caps and magicians the fans, in turn – were phenomenal.”

The digital artwork is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that exists through blockchain technology – a non-tradable token known as NFT. Its metadata allows the asset to be bought and sold in online marketplaces to have full transparency of all transactions associated with each item.

Also known as Lawrence Atogiue. naturalwas commissioned to design magicians NFT collection and Robert Generette III or Rob Zilla III, capitals Collect.

magicians They’re creating a free NFT for the first 500 fans in a marketing campaign to be announced later this week.

Tasked with creating Atogiue magicians The collection entitled ” Washington Wizards Getting Started with Five, a five-part NFT series. The series celebrates the District, highlighting the energy and culture of the city.

In the series, “First Starter” and “Second Starter” are one of the only NFTs to be sold in auction format, accompanied by tangible items such as field tickets, a match-worn jersey, and a meet and greet Leonsis.

The other three options will be in limited quantities, with less of the more expensive option being made.

capitals will feature two themed collections, one celebrating the 2018 Stanley Cup Championship and the other paying homage to the team’s “Screaming Eagle” jerseys. They will also have two NFTs sold through auction and two NFTs sold in limited numbers in buy now format.

All NFTs will be available on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. magicians‘ collection will go on sale on July 12, capitals‘ collection will go on sale on July 15.

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