Stuck By Itself On Twitter


By contrast, when Twitter doesn’t recognize and approve of new habits – not all are good for the community – it’s more often in a position to simply apply the brakes or toy with a toggle switch between “Twitter Less” and “More”. “Twitter” is defined by “Twitter” not by Twitter itself, but by the hundreds of millions of people who will not log out to avoid losing their chance to see or be seen in the One True Feed.

Part of that comes down to how Twitter works at a fundamental level. Working at the digital media research center at Queensland University of Technology, Prof. “Twitter has maintained an architecture that will emerge around any issue, including how Twitter works,” Burgess said. “It makes it difficult for the company to initiate any major changes because it has a really active, mobilized user community,” he said, “if it doesn’t seem to emerge from user practices or norms and just emulate features.” after three years of other platforms. ”

prof. Burgess and Prof. In their book, Baym argues, for nearly a decade, Twitter has been moving away from the “open innovation” paradigm. Twitter” – and become highly ad-driven where “user metrics need to be covered and controlled”. If a top-down Twitter obviously can’t work, in other words, the company can at least make sure it’s monetized.

Twitter can of course do whatever it wants. It is often humiliated by its collective users, but often disappoints them too. (In some contexts, “more Twitter” is synonymous with harassment.) It is also a profitable company, making billions of dollars from the process; What Twitter users collectively insist on doing isn’t actually a great mystery, it’s just surprisingly specific and, it turns out, extremely sticky.


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