The Perfect Dessert for Person 4: Simple and Delicious Lemon Pie!


lemon tart recipe

Looking for the perfect—and I mean perfect—summer dessert for Independence Day weekend? Search elsewhere! You remember this beautiful lemon tart that I included in my recipe. Memorial Day Painting Inspiration Message. I’m so excited to share my friend Elisabeth’s recipe today. Elisabeth & Butter! It’s simple, beautiful, and delicious—and it would make a gorgeous, crowd-pleasing dessert for your next weekend’s 4th of July festivities or anything you’re celebrating this summer.


Lemon Tart

I love how fresh and delicious this is Lemon Tart is is! You can fill it however you like—we used fresh fruit and lemon wedges (again, perfect for the 4th of July!), but it looks good with whipped cream or as is. All of Elisabeth’s recipes are also incredible and simple. i just made it Fresh Strawberry Cake (no jelly or cake mix in this recipe!) It would make a fabulous “wow” dessert for Louise’s birthday earlier this month, and also for a party this holiday weekend.

fourth or july table

you can find the recipe Elisabeth & Butter’s Lemon Tart is here! And don’t forget to tag us @DoSayGive and @ElisabethAndButter on Instagram if you make it – we’d love to see it!

And if you need some decor inspiration for this holiday weekend, Memorial Day lettering It’s a great place to start—it features some of my favorite home decor and fun pieces for the summer from some of my favorite brands. Don’t forget to take a look!

Photos: Brenna Kneiss


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