The Unprintable App That Wants to Empower Content Creators


In October, Ms. Lugrin published a blog post announcing the FYPM. Wrote, “born out of anger”. Targeting influencer marketing platforms, most said it’s “really just another platform designed to help more business owners tap into influencer talent, but in a new “innovative” way!

After building a prototype of FYPM, it was accepted into a 10-week initial incubation program led by Backend Capital, a Taiwanese venture capital firm, in March. There, he met his co-founder, Ms. Mehra, who was after her next challenge.

“I wanted to use technology for good,” said Ms. Mehra. “I saw FYPM as an excellent way to tackle pay inequality.”

FYPM is already on the radar of brands. James Nord, CEO and founder of Fohr, an influencer marketing company that has paid creators over $65 million over the past five years, said he supports Ms. Lugrin’s mission but hopes more nuances will be incorporated into the platform as it grows.

“It can lead to some creators having false expectations of what their fees might be because when they hear that someone has booked a job at a certain price,” he said.

Currently under testing, FYPM allows users to filter brand opportunities by platforms such as Twitter, Clubhouse, Substack, Instagram, and OnlyFans. Creators can also sort by location, niche, and brand category, such as travel or food and beverage.

So far, nearly 1,500 creators have posted more than 2,000 reviews of 1,300 brands on FYPM. Ms. Lugrin and Ms. Mehra have raised a small amount of funds and are planning to raise more funds.


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