Three Great Virtual Camps for Kids and Teens!


The 4th of July excitement is over, summer camps are starting to slow down and there is still more than a month to school. Moms, we want to help you avoid the summer recession! We have three enriching activity ideas to help you fill your days with easy learning and fun. From art to cooking to etiquette for girls – our hope is that you’ll discover a new activity or two that you and your kids will love!

Children’s Desk

Let your kids cook in the kitchen Children’s Desk! This is one of our favorite virtual cooking classes for kids (they gave a virtual cooking class for our Summer Book Club and it was a HUGE success!) and is full of hands-on fun and learning. Every ZOOM class is hands-on from start to finish, and kids learn valuable skills along the way. We love their philosophy: When kids expand their taste buds, they learn that real food can be really good. Children’s Desk It offers one-hour lessons and one-week, themed “summer camps” – and it’s great for kids ages 4 and up!


Liza Snyder Art

What better way to go on hot summer days than to paint, draw, sculpt and create? Liza SnyderAn artist based in 30A, a series virtual art workshops An activity that you can do in the comfort of your home with children of all ages. From self-portraits to a bushel and even a Frida Kahlo-inspired class, there’s something the whole family will enjoy! You can even pair one of these workshops with a trip to a local art museum or create your own art museum at home with your new creations!


teen etiquette online class


If you have or know a girlfriend who is 11 or older, this course is for you! our Etiquette Basics online course the perfect summer activity before the new school year — we cover how to be a good friend, how to surf social media, how to communicate with teachers and much more. And we’ve added an entirely new section: All about babysitting! This is also a great mother-daughter activity. And today you can get 30% off with promo code AL30!




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