Top 10 Buys Every Year at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


For some Nordstrom cardholders, the biggest and best sale of the year officially starts tomorrow. This is a sale to shop for things you would normally buy anyway, but with up to 40% off. Today we’re sharing 10 great items on sale every year – think wardrobe staples, back-to-school items, and more. We hope this post is helpful when you’re thinking about what to buy on sale!

If you’ve followed DoSayGive for the past six years, you know we’ve provided super detailed and helpful guides for this great discount. Our goal is to show you the absolute best so you don’t have to browse through thousands of items. Our full Nordstrom Sales Guide launches tomorrow morning when ICON cardholders gain access! Be sure subscribe To DoSayGive emails to receive all our sales guides via email!

When You Can Shop With Discount:

ICON Card holders can shop on Monday, July 12!

AMBASSADOR Card holders can shop on Wednesday, July 14th!

AFFECTED cardholders can shop on Friday, July 16th!

Log into your account to check your level!

The sale opens to the public on July 28! Check local store hours for discount hours.

So, what are the best things to go on sale? Think about what you’re going to buy anyway, from back to school, fall/winter outfits, and upcoming birthday gifts and holidays. You can buy so much on sale and become an informed shopper with discounts of up to 40%! Some things you might want to look at:

athletic shoes:

Including Nike, Adidas and Ons this year on sale! Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ shoes are great for shopping on sale.

Popular Winter Coats and Fleeces:

I don’t like paying full price for these brands, so when I find them at Nordstrom sale, I’m glad! Brands like Barbour and The North Face often sell out fast.

Underwear for the Whole Family:

Every year my favorite bra on sale at the time of sale. (Note: I have small breasts and I’m buying two sizes up on this bra.) Bras are expensive but we need them, why not get them up to 40% off It’s also a great time to stock up on panties. I bought these one size fits all panties last year and I’m addicted. They don’t show lines!

Back to school:

Shoes, clothes, socks and more!

Athletic Clothing:

Zella and Nike are on sale!


Moonlight Pajamas are very comfortable and come in several colors! They come in long suits and short suits and are now a fudge suit!


Lots of great gifts on sale this year! We’ll do a full rundown in tomorrow’s post, but take a look at:

Ultimate Beauty Tools:

If your eye is on a high-end beauty tool, now is the time to buy it! Consider holiday gifts too!

Baby Gear

I bought our NUNA car seat on sale a few years ago and am so glad I did!

Thule and Bugaboo on Sale!


Need to renew bath towels or sheets? The Nordstrom Sale is a great time to stock up!

Two colors in this bed!

Koza & Branch ORGANIC Sheets

Make your wish list!

You can go and browse everything that’s on sale and save it to your “wishlist” for easy shopping once the sale opens. (Things on sale will have a yellow “Early Access” sign below the product name.


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