Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for 7 days for vaccination


Twitter suspended on Tuesday Representative Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe Georgia Republican has withdrawn from service for seven days after the Food and Drug Administration said it should not approve coronavirus vaccines and that the vaccines had “failed.”

The company said it was Ms. Greene’s fourth “strike”; This means that under the company’s rules, Twitter can be permanently banned if it violates it. coronavirus misinformation policy again. Company Posted Miss Greene’s third strike less than a month ago.

“The FDA should not approve covid vaccines,” Ms Greene said on Twitter on Monday evening. He said there were many reports of infections and coronavirus spread among vaccinated people, adding that vaccines “failed” and “did not reduce the spread of the virus, and neither did masks.”

NS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention“Covid-19 vaccines are effective in protecting you from getting sick,” says the current guide of .

In late July, the agency also revised its closed mask policyrecommends that people wear masks in public indoors in some areas where the virus has risen, to maximize protection from the Delta variant and possibly prevent the spread of the coronavirus. a recent report Two Duke University researchers, who reviewed data at 100 school districts and 14 charter schools in North Carolina from March to June, concluded that wearing a mask is an effective measure to prevent transmission, even when six feet of physical distance is not present.

Ms. Greene’s tweet was tagged as “consistent with us. Covid-19 misleading information policyTwitter spokesperson Trenton Kennedy said in an emailed statement. “There will be an account be in read-only mode for a week for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

A representative of Ms. Greene did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Twitter took sanctions against accounts that posted false coronavirus information as cases surged in the United States due to the highly contagious diseases. Delta variant. New cases rise in Ms Greene’s hometown 171 percent In the past two weeks, 39 percent of the state’s population has been fully vaccinated against the virus.


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