Endangered Seal Found on Hawaii Beach Shot to Death

Authorities said Tuesday that an endangered Hawaiian seal found dead on a beach in September was deliberately shot in the head in the third intentional seal killing on the same island in 2021. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the seventh seal was deliberately shot in the past decade on Molokai, a sparsely populated […]

A Trash Can Washed Out Of Myrtle Beach In Ireland

While walking on Mulranny Beach in Ireland’s Mayo county on Sunday, Keith McGreal saw a blue plastic barrel hitting the shore like a message in a bottle. Instead of a tightly-wrapped letter inside, stickers affixed to the dirty edges found a clue to the barrel’s origin: “City of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.” The litter box […]

This Pristine Beach Is One of Japan’s Ends. To be filled soon

KATOKU, Japan – Standing on its mountain-fringed coast, the Japanese village of Katoku has no clue that it exists. A handful of houses hide behind a dune lined with morning glories and pandanus trees, the chirping of cicadas interrupted only by the rhythm of the waves and the call of a deep blue-winged jay. In […]

8 Tips for Family Beach Photos (Plus 30A Photographer!)

Our trips to 30A have provided the perfect backdrop for family photos over the years – beautiful white sands, crystal blue water and, of course, sunshine. Today I wanted to share a great 30A photographer, Brenna KneissWho makes family photo sessions a breeze, along with eight tips for successful family beach photos! 1. Think beyond […]