Russia Was Behind Cyber ​​Attack Until Ukraine War, Investigation

Officials in the United States and Ukraine have long believed that Russia was responsible For the cyber-attack on Viasat, but had not officially “linked” the incident to Russia. While US officials drew conclusions long ago, they wanted European countries to take the lead, as the attack had significant repercussions in Europe, but not in the […]

FBI: Russian cyber threat fueled almost 2 million unwarranted calls

The threat of cyberattacks from Russia ignited more than half of the FBI’s 3.39 million warrantless survey of Americans’ data last year, according to a new government report. Unwarranted searches, which are legal under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, rose sharply from the nearly 1.32 million reported in 2020, according to a report by the […]

Biden official defends millions more demands for cyber agency

On Thursday, the Biden administration defended the cybersecurity agency’s large budget request — an increase of nearly $300 million, or 13% from last year — by saying the extra money is for people, processes and partnerships. The White House’s demand for fiscal year 2023 of approximately $2.5 billion has increased by approximately $500 million from […]

A chilling Russian cyber target in Ukraine: Digital files

BOSTON (AP) — Russiarelentless digital attacks Ukraine It may have caused less damage than anticipated. But much of the hacking is focused on a different purpose, which is less noticeable but has dire potential consequences: data collection. Ukrainian agencies that were breached on the eve of the February 24 invasion include the Ministry of Internal […]

Russia Uses Cyber ​​Attacks in Ukraine to Support Military Attacks,

WASHINGTON — Weeks after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, American officials wondered about the seemingly missing weapon: Russia’s powerful cyber arsenal that many experts expect to be used in the opening hours of an invasion to bring down Ukraine’s power grid, fry the cell phone system, and President Volodymyr Zelensky’ separate it from the […]

Ukraine Says It Prevented An Advanced Russian Cyber ​​Attack

Ukrainian officials stressed that the attackers may have hacked into the power company’s systems in early February, but some details of the attack are not yet known, including how the attackers got into the company’s systems. Authorities refused to disclose the company damaged by the breach and the area where its substations are located, citing […]

Biden Warns Private Sector of Potential Russia’s Cyber ​​Attacks

President Biden warned on Monday that Russia is exploring the possibility of potential cyberattacks against the United States in retaliation for the economic penalties imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine. In a statement days before traveling to Brussels for a NATO summit, Mr. Biden encouraged private sector companies in the US to strengthen […]

Musk’s SpaceX puts cyber first for satellite internet services

Elon Musk’s Space X It’s shifting its focus to cyberspace as Russian signal jamming and security concerns disrupt the satellite internet services the company is trying to provide. Ukraine. The billionaire entrepreneur said the change in priorities will cause slight delays in other projects such as products to improve Starlink satellite internet services. Starlink technology […]

The US, the private sector can still be a cyber target for Russia

According to retired Admiral Michael S. Rogers, while no major Russian cyberattacks have been seen so far in the Kremlin’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, Americans should expect increased cyber operations targeting the private sector. Admiral Rogers, who previously headed the National Security Agency and US Cyber ​​Command, expects cyberattacks created by Russia to spread in […]