CDC Denies Airborne Transmission of Monkeypox. Some Experts

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday challenged the idea that monkeypox virus could be spread through the air, saying the virus is usually transmitted through direct physical contact with contaminated materials or wounds from a patient. The virus can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets expelled by an infected patient […]

Health experts: It’s time to turn off the screens and send the kids back to camp

Health experts are warning US parents to stop pacifying their kids with digital screens and send them back to summer camp as their COVID-19 quarantine wanes. They say record increases in obesity for US children, teen depression and parental burnout make it urgent for families to reduce their dependence on Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Instagram, TikTok, […]

Tech experts warn lawmakers that the US has no equal

Microsoft chief science officer Eric Horvitz warned lawmakers on Tuesday that America’s application of artificial intelligence is not reaching its full potential. “What grade would you give the Department of Defense today on the implementation and use of AI?” He asked South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds during a hearing. Mr Horvitz responded to most […]

Job trends report sees high demand for ‘workplace diversity experts’

A report from a leading software company sees a high demand for workplace diversity, equality and inclusion officers among US tech employers as the economy recovers from COVID-19 this year. In a survey of 750 hires over the past three years and an analysis of the latest job postings on career website LinkedIn, Adobe found […]

kangaroo in india? Experts See Evidence of Smuggling Trade

On the fringes of forests in eastern India, people stumble upon hungry, frightened marsupials they don’t know. Animals are kangaroos. Three of the marsupials were rescued by wildlife officials this month as residents searched. One was found dead. Videos of the images seen were shared widely in India and garnered national attention. Wildlife experts say […]

Experts Warn, Public Health Disaster Approaches in Ukraine

One in four new HIV infections in Ukraine is among the country’s approximately 350,000 injecting drug users. Before the war, Ukraine’s harm reduction policies enabled more than 17,000 of its citizens to receive so-called opioid substitution treatment. Demand for treatment increased as access to street drugs decreased during the conflict. But now stocks of the […]

Experts Say New ‘Deltacron’ Variant Is Rare and Similar To Omicron

In recent days, scientists have reported that a hybrid of Omicron and Delta coronavirus variants has emerged in many countries in Europe. What is known so far about the hybrid, which received the nicknames Frankensteinian Deltamicron or Deltacron. How was it found? In February, Scott Nguyen, a scientist at the Washington DC Public Health Laboratory, […]

Experts: How to impose internet sanctions on Russia?

BOSTON (AP) — Ukraineattempt to get Russia The Internet failed to launch, but a diverse group of experts suggested a narrower approach to sanctioning the Kremlin for invading its neighbor: Consider creating a mechanism that could technically blacklist individual Russian military and propaganda websites. In an open letter released Thursday, activists say it’s time for […]

Experts warn that China is overtaking the US in cyber warfare weapons

According to China and cybersecurity experts, China sees social media networks as tools of cyber warfare and America does not have the defense to fight China in the long run. According to People’s Liberation Army writings analyzed by the Heritage Foundation’s Dean Cheng, who is knowledgeable on Chinese military capabilities, targets of Beijing’s sophisticated cyberwarfare […]

Experts warn of online romance scams for Valentine’s Day

Fans of Netflix’s “Tinder Scam” may know how love scams work online, but experts warn that many of America’s loneliest hearts may fall for the scam on Valentine’s Day. The FBI says scammers often adopt a false identity with photos of someone else on social media apps or dating websites, build trust by flattering lonely […]