World’s Heat Waves Pushing People and Nations ‘To the Edges’

Millions of Americans are once again in the grip of dangerous heat. The warm weather that swept across Europe last weekend has caused parts of France and Spain to feel like it usually does in July or August. High temperatures burned northern and central china Even heavy rains caused flooding in the south of the […]

Why do people troll spam texts?

I didn’t reply but many people who received similar messages did. Some even throw it back at spammers by making up crazy stories and sending funny messages to disappoint those on the other end. They battle Snark and in some cases post screenshots of their conversations online. Jack Whittaker, a PhD student in sociology at […]

‘Vegan Leather’: How Fashion Giants Reshaped Plastic for Good for People

Index evaluates polyester as one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world; for example, using data on European polyester production provided by a plastics industry group, even though most of the world’s polyester is produced in Asia, often using a more polluted power grid and less under. strict environmental rules. The Higg rating for […]

Mortality Rates Rise in Older People During the Omicron Wave

Despite strong vaccination levels among older people, Covid killed them at much higher rates this winter during the Omicron wave than last year, taking advantage of the long delays since their last vaccination and the variant’s ability to circumvent immune defenses. The wave of death in older people this winter belied the relative softness of […]

An Intimate Look at Mexico’s Indigenous Serial People

A gentle breeze, laden with the scent of the sea, softened the stifling heat: The temperature had reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was only 10 in the morning. Salma’s home was at the end of the main road in Punta Chueca, a small town on the mainland coast of the Sea of ​​Cortez, also […]

WeChat wants people to use its video platform. They did so because

According to someone familiar with the matter, the original video uploaded by the creator reached 5 million views before it was taken down. Given how many times it was re-uploaded, the video could easily have reached millions of Chinese that night. Yet the sympathetic stories commenting on each version and video were censored almost instantly. […]

5G technology is more than just connecting people

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. 5G-powered digitization promises to accelerate connectivity-driven transformation in an increasingly connected world, by opening up a new set of possibilities for both individuals and businesses. The transformative approach of 5G pushes an open standards, unbundled and cloud and edge-based approach to networking. […]

Does Social Media Make Young People Unhappy? It May Depend On Their Age.

Still, research looking for a direct relationship between social media and well-being didn’t find much. “There are definitely hundreds of studies, almost all of which have shown rather small effects,” said behavioral psychologist Jeff Hancock, who led a meta-analysis of 226 such studies at Stanford University. Not involved in the study, Dr. Hancock said what’s […]

People shrug at the flu. Will they shrug about Covid soon?

In good years, the flu kills tens of thousands of Americans and makes many more sick. Yet even in the time of Covid, the other respiratory lethal flu caused by a virus is underestimated. Almost half of American adults don’t bother to get vaccinated against it. Despite the ongoing Covid experience, researchers and historians do […]

People Who Draw Rocks

surface coating The glaciers of the Alps are melting, and these Swiss cartographers have work to do. With Zoey Survey Photos and Videos Lucia Buricelli Every few years, Switzerland’s national mapping agency sends one of its planes to survey every centimeter of the Swiss Alps; the pilot turns back and forth to take pictures of […]