‘Blow Out’ 4K Ultra HD movie review

movie productor Brian DePalmThe 1981 black crime thriller gets a new visual life, now in 4K disc format. blowing (criterionR, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 108 minutes, $49.95). The action centers on exploit movie sound effects designer Jack Terry (John Travolta) watching a car fall from a bridge into the river while recording sound one night. Jack […]

‘The Northman: Collector’s Edition’ 4K Ultra HD movie review

The acclaimed director of “The Witch” Robert Eggers brings his primal sensibilities to the age of the Vikings in the historical revenge drama now available in 4K disc format. The Northman: Collector’s Edition (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, R, 2.00:1 aspect ratio, 137 minutes, $44.98). Based on a Norse legend that eventually became the template for […]

regulating workforce ecosystems | MIT Technology Review

Dr. Altman’s research focuses on strategy, innovation, platforms, ecosystems and the future of work. His work has been published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), MIT Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Advances in Strategic Management, Journal of Management Studies, and elsewhere. Shortlisted for the “2021 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award for Groundbreaking Idea” for […]

Doing hybrid work | MIT Technology Review

Ivan has led several Global Technology Services businesses as Managing Director for IBM. It has a proven track record as a leader in the Outsourcing and Infrastructure Technology Services business. Ivan was also responsible and responsible for developing and managing growing markets in Central Europe/Middle East and Africa in the Financial Services Industry for IBM […]

Book Review: ‘The Wasteland’ by Corban Addison

In a David-Goliath-Goliath story like this, you can’t expect a more brutal and intimidating giant from Smithfield. The company is not only the world’s largest pork producer, but also the owner of the world’s largest slaughterhouse. Located in Tar Heel, NC, this slaughterhouse shears approximately 32,000 pigs a day. Workers in the factory for years […]

Lawmakers review cryptocurrency laws to combat ransomware attacks

Cyber ​​attackers hold hostage data and computer systems in American businesses, schools and hospitals until they receive digital payments from their victims, making cryptocurrency a key component of the ransomware gangs’ business model. Congress is now trying to figure out whether cryptocurrency is fueling the rapid spread of ransomware attacks and trying to impose new […]

‘Batman’ 4K Ultra HD movie review

In 2022, fans and moviegoers were asked to adopt another interpretation of DC Comics’ live-action version of the venerable Dark Knight. Given its current blockbuster status, director Matt Reeves’ black crime thriller has apparently struck a pop culture chord. Batman (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, unrated, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 115 minutes, $39.99) continues to rise in […]

‘Wild Things: Limited Edition’ 4K Ultra HD movie review

Director John McNaughton’s 1998 erotic crime thriller launches on ultra-high definition disc in a bundle packed with extras and goodies. Wild Things: Limited Edition (Arrow Video, unrated, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 115 minutes, $39.99). Set in an affluent suburb of Miami, the story begins like a “90210” TV episode where gorgeous teenagers enjoy life and quickly […]

Equipment management and sustainability | MIT Technology Review

One of the areas Castrip has been working on for the last two years is increasing the use of machine intelligence to increase process efficiency in throughput. “This is highly influenced by the skill of the operator who sets the points for automation, so we use reinforcement learning-based neural networks to increase the precision of […]

Review: After ‘Steve’: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and

Mickle creates a dense, detailed mosaic of the company’s trials and victories, showing us how Apple, built on Ive’s successes in the 2000s, became Cook’s company in the 2010s. Long knighted, Ive is increasingly fascinated by opportunities outside of Apple (museum exhibit, charity auction, an immersive Christmas tree installation) and is going part-time in 2015. […]