Fun, Simple and Free Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Kids!

If you have young children at home, we have a free February edition that’s perfect for fixing during the month of February. This list includes simple yet enriching activity ideas, from arts and crafts to sensory boxes, math activities, pretend play, and much more. And you can easily do all these activities with the items and equipment you probably have in your home. The best part? All without screen!

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To be honest, I’m not a big crafter with my kids. I don’t have time for complex activities. I also want to enrich, not a time-filler, which contributes to their language or fine or gross motor skills in whatever we do. These activities do that! They encourage their curiosity, love of learning, and thoughtfulness. It takes very little preparation time or effort and you can repeat them over and over.

Most of these will keep toddlers busy for 15 to 20 minutes (depending on your little one’s age and attention span), but sprinkling them into your week can mean extra deliberate time with your little ones.

Our list of intentional Valentine’s activities rounds out the seasonal books you may already be reading – but be sure to check out our classic Valentine’s book recommendations for kids. here! Most of these books are available on Amazon or at your local library.

Note: This is not a list of coloring/activity pages. This is a bulleted list of easy ideas parents can take advantage of when they want enriching, screen-free ideas for their kids!

Download our FREE Valentine’s Day activities for kids here! You can save it on your phone or computer, or print it out and put it on your fridge. It would be fun to mark activities together as you go! Also, this list would be good for nannies or caregivers to use as well.


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