The Most Effective Spreader of Misinformation on the Internet


Researchers who researched the network, over the past decade Dr. He said Mercola has set up a large operation to push natural health treatments, spread anti-vaccine content, and profit from it all. in 2017, gave a declaration He claimed that his net worth “over $100 million.”

And Dr. Instead of directly stating online that vaccines don’t work, Mercola’s posts often ask meaningful questions about their safety and discuss studies that other doctors have refuted. Facebook and Twitter allowed some of their posts to remain with careful hashtags, and companies struggled to create rules to pull back posts with nuances.

“Social media has given him new life, which he uses ingeniously and relentlessly to enslave people,” said Imran Ahmed, director of the Center for Fighting Digital Hate, which works on misinformation and hate speech. The “Disinformation Dozen” report was cited in congressional hearings and by the White House.

In an email, Dr. “It seems pretty odd to me that I’ve been called the number one super-spreader of misinformation,” Mercola said. Some of his Facebook posts were only liked by hundreds of people, so he said he didn’t understand “how a relatively small number of posts could cause such a disaster to Biden’s multibillion-dollar vaccination campaign.”

Adding that the efforts against him are political, Dr. Mercola accused the White House of “collaborating with social media companies to engage in illegal censorship.”

He did not address whether the coronavirus claims were true. “I am the lead author of a peer-reviewed publication on vitamin D and the risk of Covid-19, and I have every right to inform the public by sharing my medical research,” he said. He did not identify the publication and The Times could not verify his claim.

Chicago native Dr. Mercola started a small private practice. in 1985 in Schaumburg, Illinois in the 1990s transition to natural health medicine opened her main website,, to share her treatments, treatments, and advice. The site urges people to “take control of your health.”


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