Iran says rocket launch came after photos show preparation

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Iran admitted on Wednesday it is planning two tests of its new solid propellant rocket, after satellite photos showed preparations on a desert launch pad previously used in the program, despite high tensions over Tehran’s rapidly advancing nuclear program. Defense Ministry spokesman Ahmed Hosseini said the Islamic Republic will launch […]

SpaceX Receives Environmental Approval for Starship Mars Rocket Launch

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday there were no environmental demonstrators in SpaceX’s plans to launch a giant new rocket from South Texas into orbit. An environmental assessment by the agency It concluded that SpaceX’s orbital launch plans would not have a “significant impact” on the region stretching along the Gulf Coast near Brownsville, […]

NASA will launch 3 rockets from private Australian spaceport

CANBERRA, Australia – NASA will launch a research rocket from far northern Australia this month in the agency’s first blast from a commercial spaceport outside of the United States. NASA and the Australian Equatorial Launch Australia, owner of the launch pad, said it will launch from the Arnhem Space Center on June 26, July 4 […]

How to Watch the Rocket Lab Launch Today

Catch a crashed rocket and bring it back to shore… On Tuesday (it will still be Monday evening in New York), Rocket Lab, a small company with a small rocket, is aiming to achieve impressive success during its latest launch from New Zealand’s east coast. After the company sends a payload of 34 small satellites […]

Media Matters urges Apple and Google to launch Twitter if it becomes the site

One of the most influential left-wing organizations has urged Twitter’s top advertisers, such as Apple and Google, to discontinue the app if Twitter’s new owner allows Twitter to “become vulnerable to hatred, extremism and disinformation”. Angelo Carusone, head of Media Matters for America, said on Monday that Elon Musk, who describes himself as an absolutist […]

Axiom’s Ax-1 Mission Launch Updates: Live News

Inspiration4, the last orbital tourist flight launched from the United States, was chartered by billionaire Jared Isaacman, who decided to offer deals to three people who could never afford travel for themselves. In turn, each of Axiom’s space travelers pays their own way. Larry Connor, managing partner of the Connor Group, which owns and operates […]

NASA Stops Launch Rehearsal for Giant Lunar Rocket

On Sunday morning, NASA cut short an implementation countdown for its new megarocket Space Launch System. Returning astronauts to the moon is a key component of upcoming missions, and the agency said there was a problem with the mobile launch tower. NASA will try again on Monday. The 322-foot-long rocket and Orion capsule are crucial […]

Download: This startup wants to launch a molecular electronics

This is today’s edition downlHEadvertisement, Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the tech world. This startup wants to kickstart a molecular electronics revival By 2000, many hopeful molecular electronics (using single molecules to build circuits and components) will go beyond silicon-based circuits to allow computer chips to continue […]

Loss of Russia’s Rocket Launch Business Is SpaceX’s Gain

British satellite internet company OneWeb, which canceled rocket launches with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, is turning to SpaceX to send broadband satellites into space. The alliance, announced by OneWeb on Monday, is unusual because SpaceX is currently OneWeb’s primary competitor in the market for high-speed internet beaming from orbit to users on the […]

Russia’s Space Isolation Grows as OneWeb Cancels Launch

OneWeb, a partially British government-owned satellite internet company, has canceled an upcoming satellite launch using a Russian rocket and suspended all future launches based in Russia, the company said on Thursday, emerging from a tense public stalemate with Russia’s space agency Roscosmos. later announced. Also on Thursday, Roscosmos announced that it would stop selling rocket […]