Biden advocates flagging Facebook posts for possible COVID


President Biden on Friday advocated for his administration to moderate Facebook and other social media sites for misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

“They are killing people. The only epidemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they are killing people,” said Biden, and spoke about the posts that the administration considers problematic.

As the White House continues to urge Silicon Valley to address vaccine misinformation, its comments fuel the fight between management and social media sites. The President spoke to reporters as he walked aboard Marine One to set off for a weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat.

On Thursday, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki It revealed that the White House flagged problematic social media posts for containing “false information” about COVID-19 vaccines.

The revelation sparked a backlash among privacy rights and free speech activists, who accused the administration of censorship.

“Being anti-vaccine is part of freedom of expression,” said Dan Gainor of the Center for Media Research in a tweet. He also blamed Mrs. Psaki to be “against freedom”.

Lady. Psaki doubled him Statements during the White House press briefing on Friday. HE IS He urged Silicon Valley to end vaccine misinformation.

“We’re dealing with a matter of life and death here, and so everyone has a role to play in making sure the right information is available.” he is I said. “They are private sector companies. They will make decisions about additional steps they can take. It is clear that there is much more that can be taken.”

An example lady Psaki What was highlighted was the repeated spread of the false narrative that COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility.

“It’s troubling but it’s a persistent narrative that we and many of us see, and we want to know that social media platforms are taking steps to address it.” he is I said. “This is false, false information.”

Lady. Psaki He selected 12 of the so-called “dozen disinformations”, saying they were responsible for about 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms.

This statistic comes from a March report by the Digital Anti-Hate Center, a nonprofit that urged Facebook and Twitter to shut down these 12 people-operated pages.

Lady. Psaki It also outlined steps social media companies can take to combat vaccine misinformation. This includes publicly detailing the impact of misinformation on their platform, promoting quality information and taking action against harmful posts, he is I said.

“Information travels pretty fast,” said Mrs. Psaki I said. “If it’s there for days and days and days, when people see it – it’s hard to put it back in a box.”

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